Covington Schools, Shaping the Future
Covington City Public Schools, Covington Virginia

VA Teachers for Tomorrow (SCOPE)

(Teacher Cadet Program)
Covington High School

Goal 1:  To encourage academically able students who possess exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills to consider teaching as a career.  We realistically understand that all students in the VA Teachers for Tomorrow program will not become teachers; however, we believe that the program will provide these students with insights about teachers, schools, and other educational issues that will enhance their understanding of the “inner-workings” of schools. With this new understanding we hope that these students will become advocates of/for education. 

Goal 2: To increase the diversity of the Covington City teaching staff by enticing (with our competitive salary scale and benefits package) young “highly qualified” educators (especially minorities and males) to come to this area to teach.



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